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Winter for Your Garden

We got a freeze this week, a sure sign that fall is here. I had a few leftover tomatoes, okra, peppers, and pumpkins still growing but their demise was sure to come.

If you had leftover veggies growing in your garden that were killed by the frost, or died of natural causes, be sure you get them out. Leaving dead plants in your garden over winter can actually harbor insects and cause diseases. I know you weeded and watered and harvested and spent a lot of time out there this summer and you thought you were finished but don’t skip that last step of cleaning everything up. Set yourself up for a successful season next year by spending a few minutes getting your plots clean. Go do it right now!

The other thing I like to do is plant a cover crop that will stay green all winter and turn it under next spring for the green manure benefits. I planted Austrian winter peas this year which will put down nitrogen as the grow too. My bee yard is close so when the peas bloom the bees will enjoy them as well.

Work hard.
Have fun.
Make a difference!


Honey Bees

Spring is a really busy time for us, it seems like everything happens at once! When you farm and ranch you have to be diligent to do everything in a timely manner or risk losing something, in this case honey production.

I thought it was time to put the supers on last week because there has been a lot of activity in the bee yard. In order to smoke the bees and install the super its best to have little to no wind and a sunny day at the same time. Lately those two parameters have been in short supply!

That’s me all decked out in my sword fighting… I mean my be suit with smoker in hand. A lot of people don’t even suit up for this as the bees are pretty gentle this time of year but I don’t like to take a chance on getting stung.

I like to use a queen excluder between the hive body and the super to prevent brood in the honey. The queen won’t fit thru those slots so there is no chance of that happening.

Here the bees are busy going in and out of their hive carrying nectar and pollen no doubt.

This is the super. This particular one has ten frames with honey comb below the boards that you see there on top

Next is the inner lid then the outer cover, I only put one super on each hive and then check them periodically to see if they are getting full then add another.

The one that Sara is standing by has four supers on it. That was a good year and a good strong hive.

Come fall we’ll reap the sweet rewards!

Happy trails.