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Learning to Shoot

One thing about living in the country, there is a lot of land to safely learn to shoot a gun. My dad taught me how to handle a rifle safely and accurately and a good friend taught me how to grip a pistol for accurate shooting. I really enjoy plinking and wanted to pass it along to my kids.

A few years ago I bought a .17 caliber with a 3 x 9 scope and a it’s really a good shooter. Today my daughter and I took it out for a little fun blasting an old refrigerator. I’m telling you, there is nothing better than shooting a bunch of holes in a failed appliance. Especially one that failed early and often. It’s kind of like we had the last laugh.

We taped a target to it and measured off 100 yards and this was her first time to ever shoot this gun. As usual she was right on target. The eye relief on the scope was set for me so that was the hardest thing for her seeing the target through the scope.

Here are the results incase there are any doubters in the bunch.

I guess she comes by it naturally because here is some pistol shooting results of her and her mom.

I hope you had a great 4th and were able to enjoy some of the freedoms we have in the good ole USA!

Happy trails.