This Week on the Farm


This week has been really busy planning and strategizing for cell grazing this upcoming spring! I started last fall grazing some calves and it went really well on a small paddock. Now I’m planning to run water lines and cross fences and plot out about 360 acres which requires a lot of planning ahead.

I did some Google Earth printouts with measurements to help with laying out the plots. In the above photo I have about 40 acres that I plan to graze about 1 acre per move. That will allow the plot that is grazed on day 1 to rest and recover for 40 days before the cattle will be allowed back on that grass. This style of grazing really cuts down on overgrazing and erosion.

The above picture is my grazing charts, I have all 12 months tacked up on the wall and I’m planning to put the paddock numbers in as soon as I complete the cross fences. I’ve learned from experience that you can’t tell exactly where that cross fence will be until you get there and actually build it. Better to wait on the fence then calculate the usable acreage then divide up the paddocks because a couple acres makes a big difference in a system like this.

Finally my favorite part are the herd charts. Each sheet represents a herd in a different pasture. I can quickly glance at the chart for the pasture and know when I want to work the calves or turn the bull in. I can see when to expect new babies and when to wean, it also shows when I have a higher nutritional need so I can save the better grass paddocks for those times. I’m sure I will change some things as I progress through the year but I’m super excited about having this all planned out!

See anything I’ve missed? I’d appreciate your feedback.

Work hard.
Have fun.
Make a difference!


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