3 Easy Steps To A Perfect Garden


It’s January and it’s cold outside but the seed catalogues have already started coming in the mail.

Garden Seed

That is a good reminder that it’s not too soon to be planning your spring garden. Make your garden a total success this year by doing a little planning now. Before long it will be time to get your hands in the soil and enjoy the relaxing and therapeutic benefits of growing healthy food.

Garden Veg

First off, if you don’t have a spot for a garden or you want to break out a new area, go out there two or three times during the day and look for shadows. Structures, trees, and fences can block the sun and cause slow soil warming in the spring and plants that need full sun won’t do well at all. Also check for drainage, when it rains does water run off or pool in these areas? Poorly drained soils or low spots are a recipe for disaster. Do you have a water source nearby or will you have to install a hydrant?

Second, what type of garden will you have? Containers, hay bales, raised beds, or tilled soil? Make sure you have access to everything you need. Dirt, top soil, compost, mulch, hay and building materials all need to be acquired and delivered to the site.

Finally your seeds and plants. Will you order seeds? do you have a local nursery where you can buy healthy plants? How many and what type of plants do you want to grow? Remember a little planning now will have you started off on the right foot for a great harvest later. You can do it! Lets get started.

Work hard.
Have fun.
Make a difference!


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