The Best Bacon


I wanted to try smoking and seasoning and curing my own bacon. When I was a kid my folks would smoke pork and I helped out with it some. I couldn’t really remember how they cured the meat so I did a little research, the internet is so handy, and came up with a plan.

I had a 10 pound pork side to work with so I cut it into 4 pieces that I could get in to ziplock bags and used a salt cure with pure maple syrup. Here they are finished curing about to go on the smoker.

All hung up on hooks and and ready for the smoke.

This is what it looks like after about 4 hours at really low 100 degree smoke.

After getting the desired amount of smoke I wanted on them I raised the temperature and brought the internal temp to 160 and pulled it off.

Once they cool off you go ahead and slice the rind off and save that for a pot of beans. Cut them down to whatever size you like and freeze them. I cut mine down to about 1.5 pounds each and froze them whole since I don’t have a slicer. I just pull one out and slice with a knife the amount I want to fry and enjoy!

It’s really tasty and all naturally cured with no preservatives.

Work hard.
Have fun.
Make a difference!


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