The Best Biscuits Ever

Sky High Biscuits

I love to make these biscuits! They are super easy and don’t need any rise time or kneading.
Start by mixing all your dry ingredients in a mixing bowl, I like to use a whisk or a large spoon to make sure its mixed will.

I like to cut the butter in at room temperature but I have completely melted it and poured it in, it works either way.
Add your milk and mix with a spoon as much as possible, you will have to get your hands in it to get it all together. It will seem really wet and that’s ok, I like to put oil on my hands to keep from getting the dough stuck to my hands.

I put a generous dusting of flour on the clean counter and dump my dough out.

Next roll it out to about 1/2” thick, be sure to flour your rolling pin or it will stick.

Use a glass or a biscuit cutter to cut all the perfect ones you can then combine and re-roll the scraps to use all the dough.

Place them on a baking sheet with a bit of space in between each one.

Homemade biscuits

Remove from the oven when they just start to brown. They rise really well and taste fantastic!

Sky High Biscuits

Work hard.
Have fun.
Make a difference!


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