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This past week we traveled to Waco Texas and went to visit the Homestead Heritage Community on the advice of a friend. I was very impressed with the quality of everything they had for sale and their structures. Particularly their structures! We were in the cheese making shop when I finally asked where they got all the large hand hewn beams that were pegged together (no nails or screws). The lady in that shop said those particular beams came from Canada where they had taken down a barn and brought it here to reconstruct it, carefully numbering everything so they could reassemble it the way it was.
Some of their cheese is aged 7 years.

I spent some time in the blacksmith’s shop talking to the craftsman there. They made all the railing and hooks and hardware for nearly all the buildings on the site and their work was really impressive.

They call themselves “an agrarian- and craft-based intentional Christian community”. They are definitely craftsmen! From the working waterwheel grist mill to the weaving shop to the wood working shop and the basket making shop it was all very impressive.

We also had lunch at the cafe where most of what they serve they produce right there on their farm and it was delicious!

The cafe was a cedar log structure that was cut from local trees I’m guessing from the looks of them.

If you are ever down that way it’s well worth the drive to go and visit. If you live in that area and you like to make things with your hands they offer classes to teach you lost ways and traditions they have nearly been forgotten. Here is a link to their website.

Work hard.
Have fun.
Make a difference!


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