Pure and Natural Honey


We are very particular about what our honeybees feed on because it winds up in the honey. We live in an area where there is not any row crop farming so there really is no pesticide used in their feeding areas. Bees will travel a few miles to get pollen and nectar so we try to stay informed about what the neighbors are using.

The clarity of the honey as well as the flavor will vary greatly depending on what they were working on during the nectar flow. We are proactive with this and have a lot of blackberries and trees and garden plants around for them to work on. We don’t use any sprays on those plants so there is no chance of harming the bees or tainting the honey.
It’s an easy choice to loose a plant to squash bugs even though we know if we sprayed it we might save the plant, because we are keeping the honey pure for everyone who buys it.

Keeping the bees healthy and the honey pure is extremely important to us! We use no sprays or synthetic inputs of any kind ever because we want the best for our family and yours!

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