The Best Help on the Farm


I have been moving cattle, strip grazing every day and in conversations it usually goes something like this; “isn’t that a lot of work” or maybe “man how do you get anything else done”?
Normally I move the temporary fence and the cattle move themselves. As they get used to this they will meet you at the fence just waiting for you to move it. This goes really well until you get a day like yesterday. About 25 head got out. These are calves and they were wild and free! I called and they didn’t come, so I went and found them and they took off like they were wild, tails up running nine-o. Nearly anytime I’m out on the farm I have the dog with me because she loves to go.

I got around them and got them turned and they headed in the right direction for a beat and then turned took off again. About the third time we did this the dog was ready for some action, she starts with a kind of whine and then goes up to a bark to move the calves before I actually let her work them.

I am not a dog trainer and this dog has had no training other than what she does by instinct and a few commands that I have taught her. She will occasionally be in the wrong spot or bust the group make matters worse but more often than not she knows where they are supposed to go and can’t wait to get at ‘em. These calves headed for some thick trees where I couldn’t go so I let the dog out to do her thing. About 30 seconds later she had them turned and back in the area where they were supposed to be. I’ll tell ya, watching a good dog or a horse or both work and be helpful and productive on the farm is really a joy for me!
I didn’t get any pics yesterday but here she is when she was a puppy helping me get a cow in that was not interested in being caught. The cow went to the pond so I couldn’t get to her.

Work hard.

Have fun.

Make a difference!


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