Healing the Land

I have been trying my hand at multi species cover crops for regenerating the land and providing extended grazing into the fall for for our livestock.

I cleared out this small lot of overgrown weeds and cedar trees about 1 month ago. I broadcast Sudan, Austrian winter peas, forage radishes and ryegrass.

This is what it looks like today!
It has been a great fall with mild temperatures and plenty of moisture but I am really impressed with the growth here! This will actually be for the pigs and chickens because its too small of area for the cows.

This is some Sudan that regrew after I baled it this summer and I went in and planted peas and radishes for the cattle. The idea is to allow the cows on a small amount of the forage at a time with a temporary fence. I am using about 1 acre for 65 head of yearling calves. They will graze everything down and redeposit the nutrients back on the land which will lower the need for commercial synthetic inputs like fertilizer. I have been moving them daily to keep plenty of forage in front of them but it should cut down on hay and grain that we normally supplement with.

You can see where they have been on the right and where I just let them in on the left. The white posts you see are the temporary fence. They love it and seem to be doing really well on it. This actually mimics how the buffalo roamed in the wild years ago. Predators kept them bunched up and they moved all at once in large herds to new grass and ate everything there before they moved on.

Work hard.
Have fun.
Make a difference!


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