The Best Part of the Chicken


Want to know the best part of a chicken is? We raised and processed 20 broilers this year and we went ahead and froze 10 of them whole and cut up all the rest. Out of the ones we cut up we put all the bones and extra skin that we weren’t going to keep in a stockpot and made broth. All that I added was water and carrots and celery and boiled it for about 3 hours. Man you talk about tasty! Compared to store bought broth or those magic cubes, this stuff is great.

Want to make some really good queso dip? Add some broth.
How about frijole beans, add some broth.
Soups need it for sure!
Want to make your brown rice taste awesome? Yep, sub about 1/2 the liquid with broth.
I don’t really even like chicken all that well but this stuff is really good.

Out of those 10 birds we wound up with a little over 20 pints of broth. From what I’ve been reading the nutrients from the bones and the skin and small pieces of meat that you make the broth from is really good for you as well.

Another benefit of raising our own chickens is that we were able to move them to fresh grass and let them eat and we know exactly what they have been fed and how they were handled. By moving them to fresh grass they are getting all the things they need in their diet and this produces nutrient rich and tasty chicken and broth.

I think I’ll go make some soup now!

Work hard.
Have fun.
Make a difference!


One thought on “The Best Part of the Chicken

  1. Sara

    Cooking the bones to make chicken stock releases nutrients that not only taste delicious, but are so good for our health! I’m so glad we made this broth!!


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