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Well when the residents of Tonganoxie woke up yesterday morning they learned of a big announcement for their little community of about 5000. Yes it seems that the local and state dignitaries in all their wisdom had been sworn to secrecy about this big news. I can’t imagine why they were told to keep the deal hush hush? It had a code name “project sunset”, I think all great industries need a code name before they actually break ground. I mean it is going to create 1600 new jobs which I’m sure the hard working people of Tonganoxie will be able to fill. Why they were probably just having a town hall meeting trying to figure out where 1600 of their residents are going to work (snark snark). The article doesn’t say what wages these new jobs will pay but hey, a job is a job right.

What was it that the small community found out yesterday? Well this project sunset facility will cover 300 acres and cost 320 million dollars to build! It will have a feed mill and a processing plant that will process 1.25 million chickens per week. That’s over 178,000 birds per day if they work 7 day weeks.

Tyson said one of the reasons they chose Kansas was because of their “top notch transportation network” whatever that means? I’m not sure which way the wind blows in Tonganoxie but I’d guess that if you are within 10 miles of this roughly 1 mile by 1/2 mile “project sunset” you will know by the odor that you can’t seem to get away from.

I have heard people talk about “factory farming” and to me that is what Tyson is building in Kansas. I think you all know that I believe in animal agriculture. I farm and raise cattle and a few chickens and really do all that I can to produce a top quality healthy meat protein for my family and others to enjoy. When we have to sneak in with code names and keep everyone in the dark until the deal is done, well that is a little sketchy to me. I think this country could use more family farms and there are some really good things happening with farm to plate programs and knowing your producing farmer rancher. We still have a long way to go but I think deals like “project sunset” will get people to thinking a little more about selling and buying locally and knowing where our food comes from.

Oh and just to be fair I do have a code name for some of my projects.

So what do you think?

Work hard.
Have fun.
Make a difference!


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  1. Rachel Hough

    Absolutely! We lived in a small town in Nebraska that brought in a meat packing plant and a “factory farm” almost over night. It changed the entire town and not necessarily for the better. It is one of the reasons that I am such a stickler for knowing where our food comes from.


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