Great Food Brick Oven Style

Saturdays are great days to cook on the wood oven and I never have any trouble getting everyone gathered around the table to eat it. Today we made more roasted tomatoes for the freezer because my vines just keep producing yay! While I had the oven hot I decided to make pizza for lunch. If you haven’t had a pizza cooked right on the floor of a wood fired oven it’s absolutely the best! The last time I cooked pizza we made some extra dough balls and froze them. I thawed them a couple hours before cooking time and this takes a lot of the work out of making pizza and they taste great.

I decided to make these pizzas without any sauce and just cut up some fresh tomatoes and roast them on the top.

Here it is ready to go in.

Look at those coals!

Shooting the hearth before the pizza went in was 442 degrees. The dome was about 600 and the pizza will fully cook in about 2 to 3 minutes.

Almost done can you smell it?

For dessert I made a s’more on a regular pizza dough.

Browning nice.


Add the graham crackers and enjoy. I really enjoy the back porch and being outside to cook on a gorgeous day.

Work hard.
Have fun.
Make a difference!


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