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Packing in the Upper Uintas Wilderness

I think everyone should take time out of their schedule to get away, clear their minds ,and gain a new perspective on life. For me, that comes in the form of loading a horse and packing in the mountains for a few days: no cell phone service, and really no other people. This time around, myself and two friends went to the Uinta Mountains in Utah.IMG_0163

Absolutely spectacular views, but some of the toughest terrain I have ever been on.



It rained everyday, so we got to experience the real cowboy life.



The above photo shows Leon looking down at a lake below a peak that we are about to go across. See the diamond shape in the rope on the pack horse? It turns out that Leon is a master at tying the double diamond, (one on each side) and those properly weighed packs stay right where they are supposed to. That is a huge benefit for the kind of terrain we were on. There was really no place to stop and readjust the packs.



We just came up that! The rocks were loose, and the snow pack above us was melting… Water was running down the switchbacks. This country is hard on horse shoes!



I was leading this yellow pack horse at one point on a steep switchback, and he decided not to walk all the way out on the turn. This put his hooves about even in height with my saddle, so I dallied tight. When my horse pulled, Yellow jumped and almost landed in the saddle with me. That wasn’t exactly how I had planned on going down, but hey, whatever works.



The rock pile in front of the snow bank is how they mark the trail; you basically ride from one rock pile to the next. The weather was really nice besides being wet. It was in the upper 30’s at night and low 50’s during the day.

When I get pictures from Pancho and Lefty I’ll put them up as well.

Happy trails!