Hello, my name is Brett Wright, I live on a small farm in rural Oklahoma where I get to live my dream every day. My whole family has been involved in agriculture all of our lives and I hope to share that lifestyle with you in a very meaningful way. I love my work and feel that I have a great responsibility to provide wholesome and nutritious products that you can enjoy and feed your family with confidence. I hope to show you that my cowboy integrity today was boDSC00636rn from a time when a deal was done on a firm handshake while looking directly into the eyes of the other person. That was it, no contracts, no legal council, no need. A cowboy was a man of his word and you knew you could count on that. My labor of love involves cattle, horses, cooking, gardening, farming, chickens, honeybees and occasionally building something from scratch.
More about honey here.

As you read the posts on this blog I think you will start to understand why I speak cow.